Sales FAQ


Are cable bus systems cheaper than rigid busways?

Superior Bus systems are less expensive than rigid busways and have added savings due to its ease of installation.

Why should I install a cable bus if I cannot install it with a free air rating?

Cable bus is still a very cost effective solution compared to most installations of rigid busways, and parallel conduits.

What is the difference between a Superior Bus and a regular cable bus?

Our Manufacturer Superior Tray Systems is constantly improving on their products to stay on the forefront of the power feeder industry thus you get the most advanced innovative product on the market while our competitors are still making the same product they have been for years.

What should I consider before installing a cable bus system?

If you want a safe robust system that is more cost effective and will stand the test of time you want one of products Superior Bus, HighBus or HolloBus.

How do I begin the process of finding the right cable bus system?

Engage us by filling out the form or calling one of our representatives in your area and go thru your needs and we will provide you with the best most cost effective solution that perfectly meets your needs.


What is the difference between a HighBus and Superior Bus?

HighBus as stated above is designed for high rise applications that offer tap boxes to distribute power on different floors where Superior Bus is designed for all applications of feeders in the harshest conditions. Both products are interchangeable.


What is HolloBus?

The HolloBus system is a package of easy to assemble cartridges which contain lightweight hollow bus tubes. The hollow bus tubes are used as an alternative to wire or bus bars. HolloBus systems cost far less than rigid busway systems and have a drastically reduced voltage drop.

Can I reduce field labor by installing HolloBus?

Installing HolloBus will save your project both at the initial purchase and throughout the project due to its ease of installation. 

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